Warranty & Return

Each BLUBOO phone purchased from any authorized reseller has a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase, and our warranty covers all quality or manufacture related issues. If necessary, you need to send phones for testing to uncover any problem. BLUBOO products are sold through official licensed resellers. Any warranty or return requirement should be handled bysellers through whomyour device was purchased. BLUBOO made agreement with authorized online sellers, 1 year warranty is provided. Customer who needs repairs should contact your seller and they’re going to send the phones back to us and get it fixed. Within one year of the purchase date, buyers can return phones for free repairs. Assuming the product is still in warranty and was not physically damaged, and you need to provide photos and videos showing the defect(s) of the product. Buyers need to pay the shipping fees for sending the phone back, while we pay for the shipping fees for sending the repaired item back to the buyers.

General WarrantyInstructions and Conditions

According to the official agreement, all after-sale support must be provided by the authorized online stores where the customer purchased the device.

In the event of disputes between the vendor and the customer, BLUBOO can serve as referee between them. This rules only apply to the authorized resellers.

We are respecting our retailers’ warranty policy. If a dispute arises, the policies of the licensed online shops will prevail over the policies of the manufacturer.

Authorized dealers who immersed official permission to sell BLUBOO devices. Such vendors usually listed in the “Online Stores “section of our official website.

All BLUBOO devices has 1 year of warranty, unless the warranty policy of the retailer say otherwise.

BLUBOO is not responsible for any promotions that the retailers running, unless it is joint promotion, running by BLUBOO and the certain retailer. That usually mentioned on BLUBOO ‘s official website or official Facebook page.

Important Notice

Your warranty is only valid under normal use of your device. All man-made damages and any of the following conditions are out of free warranty, but a repair can be still implemented at your own cost:

(a) The warranty period has expired;
(b) Damage caused by human factors, including damages caused by usage under improper operating environment and the failure to follow the user manual;
(c) Disassemble, repair, modify the device by yourself without company’s permission or repair the device in other service center not authorized by the company;
(d) Damage caused by force majeure;
(e) The user is unable to provide the warranty card and valid proof of purchase;
(f) Natural wear and tear of the product (for instance: casing, keypad, display, antenna, accessories and otheraccessories);
(g) Faults, defect or defects not caused by the company;
(h) Warranty labels are damaged and unrecognizable.

(a) Faults caused by network and wireless information service providers (operators) are not covered by the warranty;
(b) Our warranty does not cover services verbally promised by the dealer that violate principles set forth on the warranty card.